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Jones Falls Monitoring at Baltimore Streetcar Museum

BSM Monitors Stream Levels of Jones Falls

    From the very beginning of being at our present location, the Baltimore Streetcar Museum has monitored the stream levels of the Jones Falls. We are located in the Flood Plain area.

    Stream Watch Various methods of stream monitoring have been used in the past...members driving on Falls Road observing whether or not the street is covered with water. Observing whether or not sanitary sewer man hole covers have been forced out of place by rising content in the sewers. observation of "water spouts" from the sanitary sewers and an increase in "odor" from sewage.

    One experimental method, stationing members with water proof cell phones on Falls Road was determined to not only be too labor intensive, but could cause a reduction in membership.

   Numerous requests of Baltimore City to allow access to the data from a stream depth monitoring station were unsuccessful

   William Stefan, a member of the museum and part of our machine shop crew found a link to current stream level observations provided by the National Weather Service. There is also an overall look at the Jones Falls stream information available.

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