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John LaCosta

BSM Update October 18 to December 8, 2008

John LaCostaThe double tracking of the main line is completed. The track crew finished the removal of the old switch and has finished tamping the new track. The line crew has done the final adjustment on the overhead wire and removed the temporary, and now unneeded, hardware. 

The line crew also installed overhead wire over four track from the car house to the current end of wire on four track. Since the area just outside of the car house on four track will be a great place to jack cars, an insulator was installed in the overhead wire so that we can kill the power to just that section and still allows cars to run on the rest of the line.

The museum has been redecorated for the holiday season with Christmas Layout. With the addition of the second main line track, new platforms at the 22nd street shops, Santa's workshop were constructed by the track department to make it easier for Santa to board the cars.

The outside area around the loop has been clean of brush and the rose bushes along side of the Car House look great.

Our three new student operators completed their course work and will not be doing their student runs over the next few months.

The restoration and shop department are jointing working on replacing the roof on the "el Paso" PCC (7303), including construction of a set of scaffolds to allow easy access to the roof while the car is on four track. 

Work also continues on getting the Philadelphia PCC ready for painting next spring.

Trimming the tree
Buster trimming the tree in the Visitor's Center.

Train garden at visitor's Center
Santa at 22nd Street
Santa getting off the Witt at 22nd street after visiting our younger visitors.
Train garden
Working on pull-off
Line crew doing final adjustment of overhead trolley wire just North of the 22nd street shops.

With cable hoists holding tension on the trolley frog at the end of the second track, David prepares remove the 3-bolt clamp and hand serve the span wire.
removing line clamp
Ed removing an unneeded pole clamp.
Working on the trolley frog
Bolting up rail
Track crew bolting up rail that replaced the removed frog.
Using stone to build a platform at 22nd street for the new track so Santa can safely board the streetcars.
More ballast to tamp
Track crew filling in ballast to allow final tamping to the new track.
264 on new track
264 outbound to 27th street on the new track.


Trim work 

antique cars

Antique cars on a Sunday.

Trim work varnished and drying.
Track 4 platform
Shop crew installing platforms along four track to allow easy access to roof of PCC.

Removing roof
Shop crew cleaning inner roof of PCC after they had removed the damaged outer roof.

old roof removed
Old roof removed to reveal the hidden side of the inner roof.
Primed trolley base shroud
The bottom side of the PCC trolley base shroud primed.

Restoration at work
Restoration crew taking a break from painting.
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