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BSM Update June 23, 2008 to October 18, 2008

John LaCostaIt's been almost three months and work details continue to go at a rapid rate. The track crew finished the double tracking of the main line. This including finishing the last 20 feet of track and removing the switch and replacing it with straight rail. All that is left is some tamping and replacement of ties. The line crew hung the last 500 feet of overhead wire, removed the frog where the switch was removed and placed a new fron at 25th street. On October 11 the first revenue car used the new line and until the rest of the yard rework is done, all revenue cars will leave out of the North Avenue Loop.

The shop completed the regauging of the snow sweeper which can now run over our track. While the Philadelphia PCC was out on four track getting prepared for its new coat of paint, the Line crew hung 50 feet of wooden trough over four track in preparation for connecting the overhead line to the car house on track four. In preparation for that rewiring a stain downguy was installed in four track.

The roses on the side of the Car House continue to do well and a general cleaning and tree trimming around the Car House an Visitor Center was completed.

If  you stop by you will also see the beginning of the Christmas Tarin Layout construction in preparation for TInsel Trolley. On Saturday mornings you will also find the training class going for our students.

Hanging Crossarm

Getting ready to hang a crossarm over the new track

Buster Cluster
Buster wiring a cluster 
Beginnign of the end

The track crew has disconnected the outbound track from north avenue, the switch to double track has started
Ripping out ties

The backhoe is removing the old switch ties in the way of the new track, with these gone the outbound track can be connected to the new track.
Point and frog
 By the end of the day all that remains of the switch is the frog and point.
Only frog

All that is left is the frog as the track crew spikes ties.
Spiking Tie
Hanging wire
Above the line crew is hanging the last 500 feet of overhead trolley wire.

To the left, the track gang is spiking a tie to replace the switch ties that were removed.
Strain Plate

Above the Line crew getting ready to connect guy wires to the strain plate on track 4.

To the right they are hanging the trough.
Wodden Trough
It takes two
Line Car

Above is the line car ready to go to work pulled by its normal tow car, 1164.

It takes two to get the trough in place, right next to the fire sprinklers. The trough bot protect the sprinkler and the trolley poles from shorting to the netal roof.
PCC at 28th Street loop
PCC and Sweeper

With the PCC regauged, it takes a trip out to 28th Street, where it joins the sweeper. The first time these reguaged cars have been at 28th street together.
To the right is Rick at work  on more spacers for our PCC cars.
shop at work
North avenueu loop
Two new cars in North Avenue loop
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