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John LaCosta

BSM Update February 21, 2010 to August 7, 2010

John LaCosta

Work continued on restoring the main line track to normal service after removing the trees from the overhead line. 
In the process of replacing the broken off line pole, we found four other line poles that were broken to various degrees that also had to be replaced. The new poles were placed next to the broken ones and the cross arms and wires transferred to the new pole. All but one pole has been completed and the last pole will be done within the next month.

The annual crab feast was held last month, a very popular event held at the museum.

During this time we also solved the problem on why the PCC Line car would not run correctly. It had a shorted resistor ribbon that would cause the car to always go into an emergency brake application. Once we realized it was shorted, it remained a mystery how it was shorted until the car was placed over the pit and the resistor drum lowered from the car, not a simple task. Once lowered the shop crew spotted the shorted ribbon and unshorted it. The car now runs as it should.

The other new PCC to the museum, 2168, also had started to give problem with its center doors and not releasing its brakes. After a number of attempts to fix the problem, which was intermittent, we finally found the source of the problem, a bad snap switch. Since these items seldom fail, it was not the place everyone was looking. We had a spare switch and once replaced, the car worked as expected.

The line crew completed installation of trolley wire trough over track four.
Broken pole

Broken pole to left with the new pole in place
digging hole
Digging hole for the new pole, a lot faster than with shovels
line pole
Above, setting the line pole next to the broken one. Below, replacing snap switch in PCC.
snap switch
trimming trees
Above the line crew takes a pause in trimming trees for the photographer.

Transfer wire
Line crew working on transfer of overhead to new pole
ladderLeft, line crew almost done with transfer to new pole.

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