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John LaCosta

BSM Update November 2, 2009 to February 20, 2010

John LaCosta

Normal shop and track work continued, it's a never ending task with the track gang working on replacing ties, the overhead line crew working of the over head wire and the shop crew rebuilding parts for the cars. November started with the museum preparing for the December Tinsel Trolley fundraiser. Mother nature decided that the second weekend of Tinsel trolley was not occur. Even with the snow sweeper, there was too much snow for people to get out to come down. With the major storm of the winter behind us, or so we thought, January procedued without incident. Mother nature decided that we needed another indication of how powerful she was with two major snow storms in less than two week in February. These two major snow storms totaled over 3 1/2 feet of show and closed the museum first because no one could get out and then because of  major damage to the overhead line. As of  February 20, the wire is back up, but not yet ready for revenue service north of Glen Edwards Avenue. 

The first task was to remove the very large trees from the overhead line. When the trees fell they destroyed two of the line poles that held up the overhead wire and the communication cable. Once the trees were cleared from the overhead wire, the next task was to remove the trees from the right of way so that we could get the work cars to damage area. The line crew put up a temporary span to hold the wire up show we could get work equipment up the line. The next will depend on when we can get the two replacement line poles installed.

Crimping Wire

Line crew crimping trolley ear to trolley wire before snow fall
Replacing ties
Track crew working to replace ties on the main line before the storm.

Shop crew getting replacement air compressor ready for 6119.


Tree over both tracks, held up by the trolley wire.
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