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John LaCosta

BSM Update July 25, 2009 to November 1,2009

John LaCosta

Summer and fall saw a lot of shop activity this year. After a long time out of service, the Baltimore PCC returned with a new rebuilt accelerator drum, courtesy of our own shop. It would have returned earlier in the year but had to wait until we found the root cause of the original cause of the failure. In the process of checking the sequencing of the relays after the installation of the rebuilt accelerator drum, we discovered a broken wire that had at some point touched the 600 VDC, not a good thing to happen given the wire was the low voltage ground for many of the control relays and contactors. After a careful examination of the wiring, and repair to one of the contractors, the car was run for the first time in about one year. After some minor adjustments, including the voltage regulator, the car was placed back into regular revenue service.

The Baltimore PCC was not the only car to enter service during this period, the Philadelphia PCC also was placed in service as well. After an extensive set of exterior body work repairs and an excellent new coat of paint, the car was returned to service. Both in and the Baltimore PCC ran out the line, a first time that two PCCs have both been in passenger service at the same time at our museum.

While not fully in service, a third PCC was running in very limited service, the Philadelphia PCC Line Car.  With a new coat of paint, the car is waiting to have on last problem corrected before it is placed in regular work service. This PCC was converted by SEPTA as a line car for it subway service and has already been used to work on the BSM overhead.

Speaking of the overhead, the line crew has also been busy at work doing minor repairs as well as putting up more overhead trolley wire trough over Car House 4 track. This new trough and wire allows both the Philadelphia PCC and snow plow to run into and out of the car house with having to use a "stinger" to supply 600 VDC when in the car house.

In restoration work continues on our single truck electric, 417, ex-horse, with new lettering and more woodwork repairs.

The track crew was not quite as active this summer due to the heat, but continued to do tie replacement and track alignment. 

pcc dRUM'

Shop crew after lifting Drum into 7407
pcc lIFT
Shop crew with homemade adapter to lift PCC drum, much better than the wood blocking that this writer used to remove the drum.
Bent Cam

Looking up

Installing PCC cam for the second time.
At first glance this unit to the left looked fine and was part of a replacement accelerator drum for the Philadelphia PCC. After it was put in we spent a long part of the day trying to get the system to work, only to find out that the shaft was bent. Removing the whole unit and swapping the shaft from the old unit with the bad resistors, we got on unit, and lots of practice installing and removing the unit.

PCC wiringShop crew greasing a PCC truck prior to returning the car to service.

To right, this shows how much fun painting can be on a PCC.

Work Car

Philadelphia PCC Line Car repainting almost completed. Wait until you see the lettering.
Four Track

Line crew at work getting ready to hang more trolley wire over four track.
Two PCC's pass
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