Baltimore Streetcar Musuem Announces new Telephone System
Our Phone Man

Baltimore's famous Streetcar Museum takes another step in technological progress with a new telephone system, announced Phineas Retrograde, company Director of Technology.

"In keeping with our historical theme, we have replaced the over 50 year old technology with equipment more in keeping with the time period when streetcars were a major mode of transportation in Baltimore."

An added benefit of the new system will be the use of hand-cranked generators, thus provided healthy exercise for the museum's staff of skilled volunteers.

Telephone Talker

The Baltimore Streetcar Museum can be reached at Jerkwater6, ring code 55J. One of their polite information and booking agents(pictured at the left) will be pleased to answer any of your questions, make reservations for streetcar rides and register children for the BSM Child Branding.

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