B.S.M. Endures Serious Storm Damage

On February 5-6 and 9-10, 2010, the Baltimore area experienced one of the heaviest accumulations ever recorded.  Storm-related damage was commonplace throughout the region.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not spare the Baltimore Streetcar Museum.  The February 5-6 snowstorm caused heavy damage from two large trees falling down onto the dual-track right-of-way.  Two wooden poles were broken off, requiring replacement, along with the bracket arms that support the overhead trolley wire.  Several other poles will need to be re-set as they have a noticeable "list."  Fortunately, the trolley wire was undamaged.  Here is a sampling of pictures of the damage.

1. At the height of the storm, a tree has fallen over the right-of-way.  The Museum's Shop Department is in the left background. 2. The fallen tree as viewed from Falls Road.  The 30 MPH speed limit sign seems superfluous.

3. Twisted damage on yet another pole.  Note broken bracket arms.

4. Most of the debris has been pulled away from the right-of-way.  Compare this with picture #1.

5. Looking towards the opposite direction, showing yet another tree (to the right) having been cleared away.

6. Here are some remnants of the damage.  A broken bracket arm lies in the snow along with bits and pieces of a wooden pole.

7. B.S.M. Members Bob Krueger pulls away a tree limb from the blocked right-of-way.

8. Member Rick Obbink uses "Big Jim" to clear the way to enable the damage control crew to get to the right-of-way.

9. Members Craig Hindman (on ground), C.J. and Chris McNally struggle to attach a crane harness in deep snow.

10. Craig Hindman operates the crane.

11. C.J. and Chris McNally rig a harness to a large tree trunk.

12. Craig Hindman and C.J. swing a tree trunk into position.

Photo credits:
#1-3: Chris McNally
#4-6: John O'Neill,Jr.
#8-12: Steve Abramowitz

As you can see, much work and resources i.e., money, will be needed to restore the Museum's right-of-way to its operating condition before Mother Nature visited.  Would you like to contribute?  Museum has established the President's 2010 Snow Emergency Fund Appeal.  Please click here for a form in PDF format.  Contributions by cash, check or credit card (MasterCard and Visa) are gratefully appreciated.  Please mail your gift to: The Baltimore Streetcar Museum, Inc., Attention: President's 2010 Snow Emergency Fund Appeal, Post Office Box 4881, Baltimore, Maryland.  Thank you very much in advance for your contribution.  Your generosity is sincerely appreciated!